1. 24 Creepy Vintage Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

    Nothing I say will make this any less creepier lol.



  2. Skull Steam Punk Art

    Classic Victorian steam punk. Combining futuristic and primitive design with intricate detail featuring the metamorphosis of a raccoon skull into a Victorian cyborg.

    Local artist, Justin Draak, 2014.

  3. Finger Necklace

    An exceptional oddity!

    From the very personal collection of Billy Jamieson, this was the finger necklace Billy bought before he could afford the real thing. Expertly crafted this “gaff” given it’s celebrated history is every bit as impressive as the real thing. Incredible detail and design, a real showpiece! And one-of-a-kind.

    Measurement in the description are for shipping in the box. The actual necklace length is around 2ft in length. The fingers are lifesize.

  4. Barbed Crown

    Resin skull with a barbed wire crown.

    By local artist, Justin Draak.

    With base, stands 9in.

  5. 1930ca Antique Ball & Claw Drum Table

    This table was manufactured by WEIMAN “Heirloom Quality Tables” (see stamp). It has 3 ball & claw legs, and a leather top inlay.

    The unit measures: Height 28” (71cm), Diameter 36” (92cm)

    An original, not a repro.

  6. Broyhill Sideboard

    This is part of Broyhill’s former “Old World Collection”. It contains two full drawers and ample display space underneath.

    The unit measures: Length 70” (178cm), Height 36 1/4” (92cm), Depth 19” (68cm)

  7. Bronze Cast Fireplace

    This Bronze cast fireplace facade comes in three pieces: the fireplace, marble mantle, and a crowning bronze centerpiece. This was purportedly modelled after an original stone fireplace in a palace in Germany. There are two known (to us anyway) to exist in the world. This one is in acid washed bronze, and the other (located in the USA) is finished in white with gold.

    The base measures: Height 51” (130cm), Length 74” (188cm) and Width (marble top) approx. 20 ½” (52cm). The crowning centerpiece adds another 30” (77cm) to the height. This is a heavy piece, being bronze cast, and is hollow from the back with reinforcing bars added.

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  9. Antique Indoor Potty

    1900-1920′s primitive indoor toilet. The ceramic bowl is missing from this piece and there is a burn mark where someone set fire to the contents in the bowl and closed the lid!

    This item has tremendous character.

  10. Furniture Showroom Giant Chair!

    What a monster this is! Measured at 6 1/2 feet high and 4 feet wide, this 1940′s furniture showroom chair is show stopper!

    Originally from the Niagara Falls are.

    We’ve been told recently that Andre the Giant may have used this chair in a show or photoshoot or something, but i think it may have been too big for even him!